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Tasty Vegetarian Cuisine Campbell, CA
We tried just 2 dishes, stir-fried young pea-pod, which is a very basic dish, but was very good. We also tried the General Tso's chicken, which is actually just mushrooms. I have to admit that, besides the texture, most of the flavor comes through. ... more
Fujii Bakery Sunnyvale, CA
What I appreciate about Japanese bakeries in general is that the cakes have just the right amount of sweetness (probably a little less than American recipes), and the frosting is light and tasty. My favorite Japanese Bakery is the "Sweet Shop" in Ja ... more
Outback Steak House Cupertino, CA
One of the best franchise steakhouses around. I've heard that even if you don't eat beef, their other food is great too. We tried the prime rib and were surprised by the relatively larger portion they give (light to medium eaters should to consider ... more
King's Wood Restaurant Cupertino, CA
This is a teppan-yaki place like Benihana's, where the steak and seafood is prepared as a show in front of you. Relative to Beni-hana's, it's a step up in terms of flavor (which is average), and a step down in terms of entertainment. However, our c ... more
Palace BBQ Buffet Sunnyvale, CA
Bring a big appetite. The BBQ food is very tasty and well-stocked. There is a lot of work involved in cooking your own food, so expect a meal to last about an hour or more. You will also smell like BBQ meat when you leave.
Matsubishi Japanese Restaurant Vancouver, BC
We first went to a Matsubishi's in Hong Kong (which I think is where it is based.) This is a great teppan-yaki Japanese restaurant. The chefs are trained in Hong Kong. Compared to places like Benihana's, the food is MUCH more tasty and fresh, and t ... more
Death By Chocolate Vancouver, BC
Very creative desserts that taste good. The workers spend a good amount of time on each creation. A must-try place for anyone visiting Vancouver. Don't go directly after a big meal since the portions are large.
Murder Burgers Davis, CA
Of course, you need to know that their slogan is " good, they're to die for." Pretty tasty and generous burgers. A good road stop on the way to and from Tahoe.
Kam's Restaurant San Francisco, CA
The food is fresh and well-prepared, but what I think I remember most about this place is that they give very generous portions (large chunks) of food.
Heung Heung Restaurant San Francisco, CA
This was one of my favorite restaurants when I lived in SF. I liked it mainly for their taste and value. The best value is the meal plan, which feeds about 4-5 people. Try comfort-food dishes like the rock cod with bean-curd sticks. The sweet and ... more
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