Patrick K.

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I live in Venice, Florida and own a retail store, Florida Coconut Oil Co, selling coconut oil products. My wife and I have lived in many places including San Francisco and have visited most major cities. We really enjoy Happy Hour.

Our rules for selecting where we have our Happy Hour: Great atmosphere, Comfortable bar separate from dining area, Friendly and attentive bartender, Drinks at special prices and Good appetizers.. All must be Present to rate 5-Stars.

There is no grading. Each item must meet our standards to get a "X", other wise it receives "O". Each "X" equals 1-Star.
Recent reviews by Patrick K.
Restaurant Name City
Mama Leones Nokomis, FL
Happy Hour - 4-7, everyday, Great atmosphere, beautiful bar area, friendly and knowledgeable bartender, well and wine drinks are 2 for 1, food is always exceptional. Live music W, F, Sat. with Claudio...worth going just to hear him.
PF Chang's China Bistro Sarasota, FL
Happy Hour X Atmosphere, X Bar, O Bartender - must have been having a bad day. Only a few customers yet bartender mostly ignored us. Had to repeatedly ask for check. Never cleaned up dishes. X Drinks, X Appetizers 44698
  • Favorite Foods American, Basque, Breakfast, Coffee, Drinks, Ethnic, Italian, Lunch, Steak House

  • Location Venice, FL

  • Gender Male

  • Level Level 2

  • Points 31