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Buca di Beppo San Francisco, CA
My husband and I went to Buca last weekend with two friends. We have been to the one in Minnesota before, but never to the one in San Francisco. One thing to know about Buca is that you will need to SHARE your food no matter you like it or not! It's ... more
The Wine Spectator At Greystone Saint Helena, CA
After months of changing reservations, we finally made it to Greystone over the weekend for my parent's wedding anniversary. All I can say is that it really wasn't worth the wait. Greystone does not measure up to the dining experience in San Francisc ... more
Annabelle's Bar & Bistro San Francisco, CA
After years of walking by Annabelle's, we finally gave it a try this Halloween. Food: For starters, Annabelle's offers a standard variety including Soup of the day, a few different Salads (spinach, Caesar, mixed green, and iceberg lettuce) with ... more
Rose Pistola San Francisco, CA
Over the weekend, we went to Rose Pistola for my sister's birthday. This is probably one of the worst dining experience we've had for a very long time. It was so bad that we didn't even bother with looking at the dessert menu after our meal and went ... more
Christophe Restaurant San Francisco, CA
My husband got us font row seat to Les Miserables at the Curran Theatre one night, so I decided to try a restaurant close by the theatre before the show. After surfing on the net for a while, I came across Christophe's website. I couldn't find any re ... more
Compass Rose San Francisco, CA
This is my favorite place for afternoon tea. After hours of shopping Downtown, there is nothing better than going to Compass Rose for tea service and relax. Food: During tea time, traditional tea items are served such as cucumber sandwiches and ... more
Mangiafuoco San Francisco, CA
We went to Mangia Fuoco for a friend's birthday over the weekend. Overall, we enjoyed the food. First, we were served with fresh, hot bread with olive oil and a few olives. I do mean hot, you can see the steam when you break the loaf into pieces. We ... more
Cheung Hing Chinese Restaurant San Francisco, CA
I have been getting my roast ducks from Cheung Hing for about 6 years now. Though the quality isn't as good as it used to be (before the fire that happened a few ago), but it still has the best duck and BBQ items around. My husband loves the BBQ pork ... more
Marcello's Restaurant San Francisco, CA
This restaurant did not make a good impression on me. In fact, it scared me a little. After we sat down and asked for some ice water, my husband's face suddenly turned pale. He saw where they got our water from and ordered a Coke immediately. They ha ... more
Max's Opera Cafe San Francisco, CA
If parking is easier, I would be at Max's more often. I am into Opera and Musical and love those singing waiters and waitresses. I can't think of anything better to go with a good meal than free, live entertainment. I have really learned my lesson w ... more
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