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Westchester Diner Peekskill, NY
Stopped in for lunch on Sunday. The wait was alittle long because it was one of the peak times. Very kid friendly place. The salad was very large! The meal its self had huge portions and when they say cheese burger they mean Man size burger. My hu ... more
Friendly Poughkeepsie, NY
It took so long for them to bring us our food that the food was cold!!! Portions are tiny. And catch the waitstaff when you can because you won't see them again until the bill comes
Pleasant Valley Diner Poughkeepsie, NY
We went pretty late at night. Food was good but the service was slow. The waitress mixed up our order with another table and didn't seem to care.
Umberto's of Mamma Marisas Poughkeepsie, NY
Nice family place. Kids had a good time. The portions were huge. The food was served really fast.
Catalano's Pasta Garden Wappingers Falls, NY
Use to go here alot... untill this trip will be our last. The portions became small. Not a good deal for your money.
Greenbaum & Gilhooley's Wappingers Falls, NY
Really great food. The prime rib is so soft you can cut it with a butter knife, and the veggies are sooo fresh they snap when you bite them
Rolling Rock Cafe Wappingers Falls, NY
The food portions where large. The food was good. Kids are not exacly welcome here. Made the mistake of bringing them and the waitress asked us if we were going to clean up after them ( even before we sat down). The drinks were pricey. But there s ... more
Michael's Restaurant & Sports Fishkill, NY
This is more of a drinking place then a food place. The food was run of the mill bar food.
Inn At Osborne Hill Fishkill, NY
Food was just ok for this "upscale" resturant. when you go either be prepared to wait or make res.
Papa Joe's Beacon, NY
The food was excellent. If you go there pastas are out of this world. The waitstaff was friendly and fast.
  • Location Wappingers Falls, NY

  • Level Level 4

  • Points 110