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Calhouns Knoxville, TN
The wife, 8 y/o son, and I ate here last Friday (7/18/08) and were generally pleased. The atmosphere is what my wife called "refined country barn-ish". The onion loaf appetizer is a nice start to share. I got the ribs (baby backs) which we ... more
M & M Catering Knoxville, TN
M & M's was profiled by Ken Schwall on WBIR a few weeks ago and the owner mentioned that the landlord had not renewed their lease. They have now relocated just a few miles west on Middlebrook Pike at Chert Pit Road, next to Grace Lutheran Chu ... more
Pizza Palace Knoxville, TN
This place was on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives during their first season on Food Network. Not in the best part of town, the previous commenter is correct.
Edison Park Steakhouse Knoxville, TN
Edison Park Steakhouse to close By Carly Harrington (Contact) Originally published 02:21 p.m., August 17, 2007 Updated 02:21 p.m., August 17, 2007 Edison Park Steakhouse in Farragut will close its doors for good Sunday evening. Restaurant owner Ran ... more
Hooters Knoxville, TN
Took my son here for the first time last Sunday and he really enjoyed it. He liked the fried pickles and mild wings but his burger was just so so.
Rafferty's Restaurant & Bar Knoxville, TN
Sometimes when they have leftover prime rib, they have a special on french dip sandwiches the next day. I had one today and it was magnificent and only $9 for a full plate. They don't have it all the time, so when you see it is a special for lunc ... more
Aubrey's Restaurant Knoxville, TN
We snuck off here for lunch the other day for our second visit since they opened a few months ago. The atmosphere and service were still spectacular. They had a huge lunch crowd so I was worried we'd have to wait but they got us right in. Alexi ... more
Rafferty's Restaurant & Bar Knoxville, TN
We had lunch here on Halloween. The place always does a brisk lunch business but it seemed even busier that day. There was a table of 12 dressed in full costume right next to us and they had just ordered so I was afraid it would take a long time but ... more
Shono's Japanese Restaurant Knoxville, TN
How does one classify Shonos? It isn't on the level of the "Japanese Steakhouses" like Benihaha's but it is above the take out places like Hibachi Factory. I guess that is why their slogan is "Nothing fancy, simply good". ... more
Perkin's Family Restaurant Knoxville, TN
We visited at 10 on a Saturday morning with a Vol's early game (cough, Alabama, cough). Despite being packed, they got our order out to us very quickly. I was counting on a long wait but they nailed it.
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