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Im not a picky eater, I love a lot of different foods. Tex-Mex is my favorite
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This is a very nice place to eat. The food is exellent, staff friendly, prices are worth the drive for me. Loved the, (everything).
Cedar Isle Restaurant & Club Kemp, TX
I disagree with Jennifer, I love this place. The food is exellent, staff is very friendly, love that it is on the water. Love the night life, music, just about everything about this restarant. I can never choose between this one and the Bait Bucket n ... more
Horseshoe Cafe Wills Point, TX
this is one of the best resturants in Wills Point, when I worked in the nursing home across the street, My friend and I had lunch there everyday, the service is excellent, food is wounderful, anything you wanted, they usually had it one the menu. lov ... more
Stoney's Dinner Bell Van, TX
this resturant is always on my list. I love to visit every Christmas, the decorations are out of this world. Everyone in the world aout to take a drive down just to see this place during Christmas, they put alot of time and effort into the decoration ... more
Dairy Palace Canton, TX
this is one of the best fast food resturants in This (My home town) that we have had in a very long time.
Jewel's Restaurant Canton, TX
This is the best family resturant in My home town. I eat here very regularly with my mom and dad (janie & Cisco Pridgen) I just love Jewel Jeter to death. She is the best person I know who love people and life to the fullest. <br> lots ... more
El Plato De Oro Mabank, TX
This is the only restaurant I ever want to o to when my husband ask me were I want to eat. They have the best food and drinks than anyone I have ever been to. And their wait staff is so nice and friendly, If they can put up with my husband they are ... more
  • Location Canton, TX

  • Age 54

  • Gender Female

  • Level Level 2

  • Points 40

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