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Surrey, BC

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Hy's Steak Loft Edmonton, AB
I was recently in Edmonton visiting relatives, as such I have had the chance to visit a few fine restaurants. I would definitely class Hy's as a fine location. The staff were great. Very curtious & attentive. When I return to the city. I woul ... more
Cosmos Greek Taverna Edmonton, AB
As everyone who has read any of my reviews for Greek Restaurants will know. Greek food is a big weakness of mine. So when I get to try a new one. I will jump at the chance. I am certainly glad I did here. The food was excellent. The Staff were friend ... more
Royal Fork Buffet Edmonton, AB
Simply put. A good Buffet. The food actually has some flavor. Unlick some buffets, where they don't season much. I had a good time here.
My Thai Restaurant Langley, BC
I was not impressed. A friend took me here. The service was slow. The portions were measly. It is not on my return list
Thai House Restaurant Ltd Burnaby, BC
In a few simple words. I got a mild case of food poisioning here.
Anducci's Pasta Bar Burnaby, BC
When I am paying more than $10 for pasta. I expect either exceptional food, or large portions. I found neither here. The food was average and the portions were on the smallish side. The is not a place I would willingly return to. Unless somebody else ... more
Fets Pasta Bar & Grill Vancouver, BC
I have been here twice now. The first time I was definitely impressed. So I went back with some friends and was sorely disapointed. I will give it a third try to see what happens.
Lucky China Restaurant Surrey, BC
As anyone who has read a few of my reviews. I very rarely give 4 stars let alone 5. Lucky deserves 5 starts from me. I will leave it at that.
Elisabeth's Chalet Restaurants Surrey, BC
The service here was great. The atmosphere very nice. The food was average.
Singapore Restaurant Vancouver, BC
I was totally put off by this place. It took way too long for the serving staff to attend my table. The food was poor at best.
  • Location Surrey, BC

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