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Bearisto Family Restaurant Ltd Fredericton, NB
Good place to go. It has a home cooked meal type of feel to the place. Not hard on your wallet and offers friendly service. This place is like heading to a families house for a holiday meal
Mcginnis Landing Fredericton, NB
A nice place to go with a great patio for the summer. Lunch time is Very popular so expect a crowd. I recommend getting nachos and maybe having a drink or two outside with some friends.
Capt Submarine Saint John, NB
It used to be better. I f your craving a sub and tired of the other sub places...then this will satisfy your cravings. Ok place to go for a quick bite, but I prefer Subway or Quiznos.
Chez La Mere Michel Montreal, QC
It's a nice place with a great atmosphere. You will dig deep in your pockets, especially if you are drinking with your meal. However this is not one of those places where you walk away feeling bad about how much you spent.
Wandlyn Inn Fredericton, NB
Great place to hold a function. They have a very friendly and helpful staff. From time to time they offer buffet style meals that includes turkey and all the trimmings. Check them out and see for yourself.
Keystone Kelly's Restaurant Fredericton, NB
Good place if you have kids...they eat alot cheaper. The food is good and they offer quick service during the dinner rush. One part of the restaurant is set up like a sports bar so you can order drinks and watch the game on the big screen.
Upper Deck Sports Bar Fredericton, NB
a bar that serves food would be the best description. nice to sit out on the deck in the summer.
Brewbakers Cafe Bistro Bar Fredericton, NB
This is a pay for what you get kinda place...you might pay a lot but the food is great. Nice atmosphere and a cool deck for the summer months. Located in the heart of downtown
Deluxe French Fries Ltd Fredericton, NB
If you want fresh cut fries than this is the place. Meals are cheap and the food is good.
Hilltop Grill & Beverage Co Fredericton, NB
I enjoy going to this place for breakfast, but the lunch menu is also great. They offer Buffet and it is a great place to grab a beer and have some snacks while watching a game with friends. Ate here just this morning.
  • Location fredericton, NB

  • Level Level 6

  • Points 630