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Restaurant Name City
Ashburn Bagel Shop (grill and Cafe) Ashburn, VA
Great bagels; OK service during peak service. They do tend to run out of everyone's favorite bagels (ET!), but carry Boar's Head meat which is FANTASTIC. Original sandwich creations are usually pretty good. HUGE cookies!
Manhattan Pizzeria Ashburn, VA
Everyone else is right, GREAT pizza, but even BETTER calzones. There's 4 different kinds, and all of them are outstanding. Its not a big restaurant, but the service is good, and the food is excellent. They do takeout, and on the busy nights it ... more
Ashburn Pub Ashburn, VA
Lots of beer on tap, and a great neighborhood bar experience - when its not busy. When it is it is full of a lot of young folks hanging out and hooking up. That's great if you're that crowd. The bar is a lot more fun when its a little quie ... more
Hong Kong Ashburn, VA
As Chinese restaurants go, this is about average. Still, the service is usually very good, and the staff is very pleasant. Takeout is pretty quick, so you can call and drive down and voila, its ready. One of my favorites is the crispy beef - not d ... more
Buffalo Wing Factory Sterling, VA
Don't miss this place if you love wings. The choice is dizzying, but they come in groups of 10 so you can try a couple of different kinds before pushing away from the table. Some of my favorites are Maryland Crab and (don't hit me) plain ol ... more
Memphis Bar-B-Que Co Reston, VA
This out of the way restaurant has a refreshing array of barbeque meals, and some of the best sauces in BBQ restaurants around. Don't miss the racks of ribs; you can get dry or wet. The dry is not quite The Rendezvous in Memphis, but it'll ... more
California Pizza Kitchen Mc Lean, VA
I cannot stop going to this place. When I want a salad, their BBQ Chicken salad, an old standby that the restaurant chain started with, is my favorite. My wife loves the Oriental Chicken salad, and Thai Chicken Pizza. The personal pizzas are origin ... more
  • Location Ashburn, VA

  • Level Level 2

  • Points 35