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Restaurant Name City
Mac's Grill Auburn, ME
Not being a "Steak & potatoes" guy, I still will have to give Mac's a good rating for their entire menu. However, based on the rest of the table's reaction- the steaks are delicious and cooked to perfection- a "great" ... more
The Ground Round Auburn, Maine
Pretty good food for a "chain" restaurant. A little bit of everything and a great place to take kids. The bar side is a great place to watch the game while sipping a brew and munching on appetizers.
Augusta House of Pancakes Augusta, ME
great place to grab breakfast. Sometimes service can be a little slow but only when really busy. AHop is WayHop better than IHop!
Freddie's Route 66 Restaurant Bar Harbor, ME
A "must try" in Bar Harbor. Tucked in an old church in a short "alley" off Cottage Street, it can be a little harder to find but worth the hunt. Every inch of the interior is loaded with vintage 50's & 60's memorabil ... more
Dysart's Service Bangor, ME
Dysart's was a god-send back in the 90's when I was at UMO. Hungry college kids packed in a car to find good food at 3 in the morning- where else do you go? The food was good, the service was decent and it wasalways fun to talk trucks with ... more
Captain Nick's Bangor, ME
Hey -it's a seafood joint. For Maine, it's average. The food is decent, the service varies depending on how busy it is. Would I go there again? Probably not but then again I don't go back to places more than once unless they're a ... more
Paul's Restaurant Bangor, ME
The decor is "gangland" - mobster memoribilia. The food is safe American cuisine and the service is ho-hum. Paul's seems to be the restaurant that time forgot- their location close to the highway, which used to be an advantage, is now ... more
Atlantica Gallery & Grill Camden, ME
Atlantica is soooo close to be a really good restaurant. Their location is PRIME- right on the water at the center of town. With a 2 -level awning covered deck area and a cute little building, they could do so much more with the look- it just feels ... more
Marquis At the Belmont Camden, ME
Marquis @ The Belmont went solo out on Route 1 in Rockport for one season in 2003 and then went out of business. Unsure of the future plans or where the owners/chefs have gone.
Village Restaurant Camden, ME
Safe seafood in a great location. Right in the center of town, the Village is a good place to take the family for an inexpensive dinner with a good view of Camden Harbor. No surprises here, just good food at a fair price.
  • Location Rockport, ME

  • Level Level 5

  • Points 295