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St. Louis, MO

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Crazy Fish Fresh Grill Saint Louis, MO
Excellent, upscale dinning. Great service, and a nice selection on the menu. Pay attention to the specials each night...there are some great one. The leg of lamb was especially tasty.
Route 66 Brewery & Restaurant Saint Louis, MO
The service here was average, and the food quality wasn't much better. We went on a slow day, and it still took us over an hour and a half to get through our meal. The menu was standard bar food, and there weren't any real specials to be of ... more
P'Sghetti's Pasta & Sandwiches Saint Louis, MO
Great pasta selection, with really good prices. You can feed a family of four for a very resonable price. Casual and tasty.
Cicero's Restaurant & Basement Saint Louis, MO
Excellent restaurant for pizza and pasta. A great selection of both. Some of their specialty pizzas are really worth trying. And a great selection of beers from around the world. Great for a nice casual dinner, with plenty of leftover to take hom ... more
Rich & Charlie's Saint Louis, MO
Great service, and huge portions. Really good pastas and salads. Very affordable to feed a family. Excellent for take-out, or dinning in. The service was really good, but it does get quite crowded with lots of families showing up in the evenings. ... more
Denny's Granite City, IL
I think we've all been to Denny's. It's standard chain restaurant food, with plenty of sitting and slow service. When it's busy, plan on waiting a long time for your meal. But they won't rush you out, so you'll have plenty ... more
Woofie's Hotdogs Saint Louis, MO
This is a St. Louis classics. Cheap hot dogs with all the fixin in a casual diner. Very tasty, and WILL leave you with heartburn. But it's all worth it in the end. Don't forget the fries!
Govinda's Vegetarian Rstrnt Saint Louis, MO
Super cheap lunch buffet, but you'd better like veggies. This is strictly vegetarian, but worth a trip. Plenty of food, and lots of taste. Great for lunch during the week.
Cafe Manhattan Saint Louis, MO
Great local cafe. Lots of classic diner food, and some St. Louis favorites (like toasted ravioli). Huge salads, great sandwhiches, and generous portions. Their milk shakes are awesome! Can get crowded on the weekends, and it's not a big place ... more
Michael's Bar & Grill Saint Louis, MO
Great local bar / hang-out. Great steak sandwhich...one of the best in town. Nice size portions, and a good menu to choose from. Relaxed, casual atmosphere. Very busy on weekends.
  • Location St. Louis, MO

  • Level Level 4

  • Points 100