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Eating, we all have to. What else has been so....artistic, memorable, wonderful- that is food
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Alejandra's Resturant Visalia, CA
Great place to sit outside on Main Street and enjoy Visalia. I ate there again, just the other night. Beside the wait the food was fulfilling. The no 25-"MMM" it was just enough to put me down. Enchilada, Taco and Chile Relleano (?sp) and r ... more
Gumbo Chinese Buffet Rstrnt Visalia, CA
I am going to have to try this place out. I did not know that they were a Buffet
Colima Mexican Restaurant Visalia, CA
Other would say this place is one of the great Mexican Restuarants here in Visalia. However I find the "setting" and "mood" uncomfortable. The restuarant is always packed and is pretty small to start. It is just me, this is one of ... more
Dimples Diner Visalia, CA
Only open for Breakfast and Lunch. But I enjoy the small diner. I recomend the Bob Hope Breakfast or the bacon & eggs if you want a little "meat". If you pass it on the east main ext. then you were not paying attention, the Diners lo ... more
Dennys Visalia, CA
well after a late night. we thought we would get something to eat, however if happen to be there at oh, 2:30am, then the service is not to well. We left after waiting for over 10 mins. at 2am!
Casa Grande Restaurant Visalia, CA
The restaurant has moved and is now behind the Carls Jr. on Mooney. They are in the corner of the shopping complex the other site is now torn down.
Bogart & Lulu's Visalia, CA
the bar/club is a great place to meet up on a Saturday night. After leaving another local restaurant, we went over and had a few drinks. A little dancing and alot of beautiful people. The COVER is a joke though-$10. But all in all I paid it and had a ... more
Visalia Brewing Company Visalia, CA
still a great place to get a beer, the owner just added a new "JUKE BOX" and is making improvements.
Jack in the Box #427 Visalia, CA
love the late nite food...they need to start the 99 cent Big Cheese burger again
Bogart & Lulu's Visalia, CA
I think the bar is not a bad place to stop in for a drink every so often. They serve a pretty good lunch and if you leave berfore 8pm the bar is normally pretty laid back. Bartenders are locals from the area and can normally help you.
  • Location Visalia, CA

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