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Restaurant Name City
Copper Kettle Gatlinburg, TN
I loved the food and my service was exceptional. A friendly atmosphere with inexpensive dining.
Parthenon Steak House Murfreesboro, TN
My steak was tough and dry. The sides were cold and unevenly heated. I will avoid the Parthenon and recommed others do the same.High price/Low quality
Big Ed's Pizza Oak Ridge, TN
Big Eds is the bomb. Everything about this place makes me smile. High quality, low prices, and friendly staff.
Italian Village Pizzeria Kingsport, TN
Italian Village has a decent pizza. The crust and sauce was delicious but the toppings were a little low quality. The service was quick and friendly.
Naples Italian Restaurant Knoxville, TN
The pasta is wonderful and the dressing they use is amazing. Naples is a favorite of mine and I'll take any opportunity to experience the flavors.
Cracker Barrel Murfreesboro, TN
Cracker Barrel is the best no matter what location. The service is great, food is exceptional, and the atmosphere is relaxed and comforting.
Rush Street Neighborhood Grill Kingsport, TN
They have good food and they're quick but the server was obnoxiously rude. I wont rate the restaurant on that, but the experience was horrible.
Rib & Loin Chattanooga, TN
R&L's has tender and delicious meats and the sauces are to die for. I shall return!
Jenkins Country Style Buffet Chattanooga, TN
Great buffet with a large amount to chose from. The food is better that most buffets and the service depends on you. Very affordable and filling.
La Potosina Mexican Restaurant Savannah, TN
The fajitas were sizzlin mounds of happiness that made me smile from face to waist with buttons popping upon completion. Great food and service.
  • Location Rockbridge, OH

  • Gender Male

  • Level Level 7

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