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Garozzo's Ristorante Due Independence, MO
The portions are ENORMOUS at this place, although the quality is certainly nothing grand. This location lacks the ambience of the downtown location, and that begins from the moment you take a non-descript access road to FIND the place (as in, you ... more
China Town Cafe Lees Summit, MO
Decent for a small typical strip-mall style chinese buffet. Nothing worth driving to, but if you live within 10 minutes and are looking for some faily good Chinese food, this is a good place to try. The staff is friendly, and the food is (just) abo ... more
Pappi's Pizza & Pub Lees Summit, MO
The food is okay, but that's not what makes this restaurant worth visiting. Actually nothing in particular is, but the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and this turns out to be a great place for extended families to get together. The ... more
Jumpin Catfish Lees Summit, MO
Quality has gone downhill since this restaurant first openned. The catfish has so much breading that you cannot taste the fish. Then again, where else can you regularly get catfish in this area anyway? The answer to that question alone makes this ... more
Fuddruckers Independence, MO
It is just a hamburger afterall, but within that frame of reference, it's a VERY GOOD restaurant! The meat is extremely fresh and extremely high quality, and you can taste it from the moment you walk in the door and the unctuous odor hits your t ... more
Burger Boy Lees Summit, MO
The hamburgers are pretty good, and the shakes are fantastic. The main reason to come here is, however, is for the nostalgia. This type of burger joint was popular a couple of decades ago, and for those of us who remember them (whether as adult or, ... more
Paul's Drive In Kansas City, MO
This place, a hold-over from the days of yore, is selling nostalgia as much as food. For those who grew up here and know the history, you almost expect Richie or the Fonz to walk through the door at any moment. The food isn't great, and the hon ... more
Wood Roasted Pizza Lees Summit, MO
As pizza places go, this place goes to at the top of the list. The wood roasted pizza just plain tastes better, and the staff is fantastic too. This is the place to take your family for pizza when you're trying appease everybody's taste. T ... more
Fun House Pizza & Pub Independence, MO
Fun House is not what it used to be. At this point, the only reason to go there is to remember the past and to let your kids play video games while waiting for the pizza to come. There is no particular area where this restaurant excels. For FUN, k ... more
Garozzo's Ristorante Kansas City, MO
Ask for the waiter named Carl, then it's worth 5-stars; he just knows how to make the night yours. In general, however, this is the original and best of the Gorozzo's restaurants. The house wines are decent, and better quality wines are alw ... more
  • Location Lees Summit, MO

  • Level Level 4

  • Points 120