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Kettering, OH

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I believe life is an adventure as long as you live it like one. I'm an explorer, let the roads take me where they may. No, that doesn't mean I ride motorcycles.
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Restaurant Name City
Buckhorn Tavern Dayton, OH
Good, diverse menu of steaks, chops and seafood in rustic setting. Good sandwches and soups at lunch. Only possible issue is it's kind of in an isolated location, not much else around and not close to any major roads. Worth the trip, though.
Michael Anthony's Pasta Sidney, OH
I have no idea where george went but Michael Anthony left Sindey years ago. It was pretty good while it was there.
Elwood's Dixie Barbecue Delray Beach, FL
Decent BBQ, but what makes Elwood's good is it is always among the most happening night spots on Atlantic. Always packed, there is live music all the time. This is a Steeler bar, so Bengals and Browns fans be warned.
The Green Owl Restaurant Delray Beach, FL
Pretty decent menu selection, very good sandwiches and salads. Friendly service, they're very accomodating even when they're busy. Almost as much seating on patio as there is inside.
Sandwiches By The Sea Delray Beach, FL
Small place by ocean on Atlantic. Great lemonade, small selection of sandwiches. Good for a quick bite.
Country Cafe West Alexandria, OH
It's now called Barney's. Good sandwiches and 24 flavors of Hershey's Ice Cream. Also serve Nathan's Hot Dogs, which are the best.
Sonny's Gelatto Cafe Boca Raton, FL
Modest selection of paninis and stuff you'll find at any casual Italian restaurant. But that's not why one should come here. Oustanding selection of some excellent gelato, including a spicy chocolate I can't get out of my mind.
The Sandwich Man Pizza Too Delray Beach, FL
The name says it all. Huge variety of sandwiches, from subs to burgers to deli to breakfast. Lots of toppings for pizzas, too. Pretty cheap.
Xenia China Inn Xenia, OH
Long standing Chinese is unique in that they actually have a drive-up window (but not with a screen to order from, it's not fast food), maybe the first and certainly still one of the very few in Southwestern Ohio to have this. Nice-sized menu. Ho ... more
Le Pavillon Delray Beach, FL
One of three restaurants in area where there is a set price for all meals, different price depending on day. Great veal and chicken selections, good seafood choices as well. Meals come with soup or salad as well as beverage and dessert as part of fix ... more
  • Location Kettering, OH

  • Age 46

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