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Grisantis Casual Italian Restaurant Lincoln, NE
Nothing really special about this place. The food is so-so. Olive Garden is a better choice. Entrees are a bit pricey and you would expect better quality. Not bad, but not great.
Green Gateau Lincoln, NE
Best French food in Lincoln. A bit pricey and small portions, but that's what being in Europe is all about. Lively atmosphere and always busy.
Grandmother's Restaurant Lincoln, NE
Average bar food. Don't go on kareoke night, the speakers are way too loud and non-singers that loud just hurt your ears. Family, home-style atmosphere.
Hooters Restaurant Lincoln, NE
Like any other hooters. Hot waitresses and average bar food. Good place to watch a game or just hang out. Decent wings and fries.
Jerusalem Cuisine Lincoln, NE
Some of the best Middle Eastern food in Lincoln. Really good falafal and humus. Friendly staff and culutrally rich atmosphere. Decent menu selection and decent portions.
Romano's Macaroni Grill Lincoln, NE
Great salmon dish, probably the best salmon in town. Friendly staff, great service, chic atmosphere. Good sized portions and you get high quality food. Great place to take a date.
Mcdonalds Lincoln, AL
You know the food and the chain. Good place to stop before hitting the highway on a long trip. Good breakfast menu and cheap prices. Quick and friendly service, even in the wee hours of the morning.
Green Gateau Lincoln, NE
Best French food in town. Always packed and always good service, food, atmosphere, and a pleasure to dine.
Buzzard Billy's Lincoln, NE
Decent creole/cajun food. The jambalaya is good, although not that spicy. The decor is funky and the location is great. Good service, food, and rowdy atmosphere.
Misty's Lincoln, NE
One of Lincoln's priciest places. Good food, fast service, good location, and an all around nuce place to dine. Portions are decent and tasty.
  • Location La Quinta, CA

  • Level Level 7

  • Points 1135

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