Sandra W.

new york, FL

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love food........
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Restaurant Name City
Le Tire Bouchon Fairfax, VA
Outstanding service and food if u like french crusine then you should diffently go!
Le Yaca Restaurant Williamsburg, VA
Fantastic staff wonderful place take the kids they will love it you will go again and again..........
Soizic Bistro Oakland, CA
Onion soup & crepes are very good. Surprisingly good food for a storefront restaurant in a strip mall.
French Coffee Shop Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Meal and accompaning wine without pushing for most expensive bottle. Well worth the price for that special night.
La Petite Auberge Newport, RI
Meet a higher class of people hang out in the Alice in Wonderland style bar and chat with Tucson's elite.
Stone Ashley Tucson, AZ
Been disapointed. A place where they will remember your name and welcome you back with a smile.
Le Pot Au Feu Menlo Park, CA
What the heck This is Charlotte and the food was good...service was spotty... atmosphere was very nice...
La Bibliotheque Charlotte, NC
Ntmorency cherries or the garlic marinated beef filet. Great ginger creme brulee.
Ma Tante Sumi San Francisco, CA
Elegant, the service proffesional, the food is very good. In Ocean City, this is the place for an elegant date.
Reflections Restaurant Ocean City, MD
Atmosphere and service, definitely a unique little restaurant, but a nice place to eat Was this review helpful to you?
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