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I travel quite a bit and enjoy eating out! (probably a little too much!) I've eaten at restaurants all across the country and enjoy sharing my opinion. Hope you find it helpful.
Recent reviews by Chip H.
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Fritz's Restaurant Longview, TX
Not sure why this one is listed as Italian because it's not. However the food is great. Service is always good and it's one of Longview's "non-chain jewels"! I would definitely recommend it. Food quality is good, local chef and ... more
Jucy's Hamburgers Longview, TX
Great burger joint! Everything is made fresh when you order. Best onion rings in town. Very casual.
Dudley's Cajun Cafe Longview, TX
Great Cajun food. The best in Longview. Would recommend this restaurant to anyone. Casual atmosphere. Feels very New Orleans!
Cace's Seafood & Steak House Longview, TX
This restaurant saw it's heyday in the 60's and 70's. If your 60+ years of age and your looking for a nostalgic dining experience, this is the place. The food quality has deteriorated over the past 10+ years and I wouldn't recommend i ... more
Jason's Deli Longview, TX
Probably the best deli food in Longview. No MSG menu and they get fresh produce in 6 times per week. If your trying to eat healthy, this is a decent choice.
Th E Cottone Patch Cafe Longview, TX
Food quality has really gone down hill over the past few years. It was once a decent place to eat but the last three or four times we've gone, it's not been good at all. Overly greasy with food we really didn't want to pay for.
Gonzalo's Longview, TX
Inexpensive, Mexican food. Don't expect ambiance or extremely high quality food. It is what it is......... Good middle of the road, cheap Mexican food.
Shogun of Japan Steakhouse Longview, TX
Overall, one of the best places to eat in "L" town. You get what you pay for, so the higher priced cuts of meat are definitely worth the extra money. Bar menu is good as well. Be expected to pay (with tip) 80 to 90 dollars per couple. Would ... more
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