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Crescent City Grill Hattiesburg, MS
This is a greta place to eat, and josh, it's not at all too pricey, especially for what you get.
Chesterfield's Hattiesburg, MS
This place has it all, first they have great food and to top it off it's a fun place to eat, not too stuffy and not over the top happy, with the waitresses all having 14 pieces of flair :)
Po-Boy Express Hattiesburg, MS
It's a family owned subway, but with good almost homemade food, poboy wise that is.
Copelands Hattiesburg, MS
Personally if you've been to one copeland's you've been to them all, but if you've never been, they're pretty good think outback compare to steak and ale, is applebees to copelands.
Cane Creek Seafood Restaurant Hattiesburg, MS
This is the standard mississippi seafood buffet, the food's good, but don't come if you don't like wolfing down fried food, and some crablegs that sat in the steamer a little too long. But seriously, it's good.
Conestoga Hattiesburg, MS
Steakhouse, it has a definate american ring, doesn't it? They use good beef and it shows, the steaks are tender and juicy. Although I can't speak for any cooked well done.
Gold Post Sandwich House Hattiesburg, MS
A great shop for killer poboys or burgers, plus amazing sides you can't get anywhere else with a sandwich.
Villies Subs & More Hattiesburg, MS
Cheap food, price wise only though, the taste is amazing, of course melted cheese and meat is almost universally loved, mmmmm...love that tabasco
Savino's Cafe & Lounge Washington, District of Columbia
A great place to take a date, make sure you dress up though, great food, a little pricey, but it'll be more than made up for...
Equinox Washington, District of Columbia
This is an excellent restaurant, you must go for sunday brunch grab a friend, or date slip in and laugh and eat to you heart's content.
  • Location hampton, VA

  • Level Level 6

  • Points 530

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