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Recent reviews by Loren L. More
Restaurant Name City
Antonio's Amherst, MA
this is the pizza place you remember when you're old <br> quality and no skimping on ingredients. <br> sice or pie--can't go wrong
Bertuccis Brick Oven Pizzeria Amherst, MA
a chain that attempts to do it right. Service is attentive bordering on too much. Brick oven pizza is so much better than the rest
Joe's Spaghetti & Pizza House Northampton, MA
the best pizza in the valley thin NY style friendly bar best "neighborhood" Italian restaurant for miles
Green Street Cafe Northampton, MA
Everything prepared for the eye and palate freshest ingedients attention to detail staff knowlegeable and attentive
Blue Bonnet Diner Northampton, MA
solid chrome-like diner that Martin Sexton sings about feels like mom's cooking in the back Service fast but not rushed
India Palace Restaurant Northampton, MA
Solid but not outstanding Indian cuisine. Has all the standard. Serice when I went a bit disinterested.
Northampton Brewery Northampton, MA
One of the best Brew-Pubs in the Valley Know for their Beer, they have paid attention to the accompanying fare which others have not. Service friendly but a bit too chatty.
La Cazuela Mexican Restaurant Northampton, MA
Not a Mexican greasy spoon but an up-scale authentic Mexican cuisine. Good cold beer or home-made Sangria compliments fresh ingredient meal. Careful--the plates are hot.
Jake's Northampton, MA
when open, this is a gem. Hours are very weird. Food solid. Clientele from all strata Service ok.
Good steak house but pales if compared to anything in a bigger city. Portions are proportional to price. Wine list could be upgraded some. Service attentive but less than knowledgeable.
  • Location Brattleboro, VT

  • Level Level 6

  • Points 545