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Restaurant Name City
Outback Steakhouse Westbury, NY
The Outback is a chain which has average food. The food is extremely spicy or "HOT". Best known for the Spicy Onion Blossom. The tables are close together and this is to be considered a place to eat not to dine.Family friendly, lots of kids ... more
Red Lobster Hicksville, NY
The Red Lobster is a chain.They give a large variety of seafood on their menu with many combinations.The cheese rolls they serve are very good.Large sized drinks are also available.The shrimp platter with shrimp cooked in different ways is very filli ... more
Steve's Pier I Bayville, NY
Nice view & atmosphere.Very rude service. This restaurant is deceitful aside from serving pretty "average" food. Having ordered Swordfish I was served Halibet, (which I do not eat). I immediately brought this to the waiters attention an ... more
Hungry Bear Bradford, VT
This truck stop is a find if you've been driving along looking for a place to stop. Friendly service, and big portions here.
Chelsea Royal Diner Brattleboro, VT
This diner is a convenient stop for us when traveling back & forth between the Upper Valley & NY. The food is good as is the service and this place is really above your average diner.
Lui Lui West Lebanon, NH
This Italian restaurant is in a charming building at the end of the Powerhouse Mall. The inside is lovely, with high ceilings and an open hearth.It is owned by Jesses, (who also owns Molly's- formally called Molly's Balloon) in Hanover. Gener ... more
Weathervane Seafood Resttaurant & Market West Lebanon, NH
Weathervane is a chain. It is in a hugh building, somewhat like a barn, with dividers to tone down the noise. There are blackboards set up all over with the specials of the day as well as menus. The help is efficent and friendly.There clam soup is es ... more
Stone Soup Restaurant Strafford, VT
This place is weird to put it mildly! Although listed as a restaurant in the area, and by the way the town it is in is called STAFFORD, it is seldom open. Just 2 days a week. They take down their sign when they are not open so they cannot be found as ... more
Parker House Inn Quechee, VT
Altho in the past this was known as one of the best dining places around it has deteriorated in recent years. Still the food is good but nothing special.Parking is a bit of a problem, they have some behind the restaurant but you can park on the stree ... more
Fire Stones Quechee, VT
Fire Stones is trying to play all the angles on eateries. They are located on the 4 corners in a small stip mall. From the ouside they appear to be a fine dining place. Not so...the food it OK.. The chicken is served too well cooked and is mostly dri ... more
  • Location Jericho, NY

  • Level Level 6

  • Points 575

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