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Aqua San Francisco, CA
Awesome seafood here. The shrimp and lobster are always my personal favorites, and it was excellnt with butter sauce at this place. Nice atmosphere and excellent service
Hawthorne Lane San Francisco, CA
The food in san fran will never let you down, andd this place was no different. Excellent American style food, I would deffinetly reccomend this place if your in the area.
Milano Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Absolutely excellent food hehre, and the service was even better. They were very friendly, and food came promptly. The waiters were extremely helpful, i would reccomend this place indeffintely
Bella Vista Restaurant San Mateo, CA
Came here with my girlfriend. Very nice view, as the name implies, but wasnt too impressed with the food. It was decent, i would check it out if i were in the area.
Creo La. San Carlos, CA
Nice place, the seafood is very good..not too expensive eather. shrimp cocktail is excellent
P & P Hunan San Carlos, CA
Excellent chinese food, like this place very much when i was in town here.
Thai Time San Carlos, CA
Very good food, if you like thai i reccomend this place
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