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Restaurant Name City
China Buffet Charleston, WV
I really didn't like this place very much. Their buffet is standard stuff, but not particulary good variations of the standard stuff. They do have exceptionally good cheese wontons, but beyond that, I don't find their food very appitizing.
Joe Fazios Charleston, WV
The prices at this place are ridiculous. They wat to be a really decent restaurant, and the food just doesn't bare them out...paying their asking price for a meal is, by no means, out of the question, but paying it for barely decent pasta and sau ... more
Papa Johns Charleston, WV
I'm cofused about the reviews this place is's just pizza, you're standard take-out pizza, and not particularly good take-out pizza, at that...doughy crust, and sauce that's too sweet...not that good, really.
Tudor's Charleston, WV
I've only been there once, but had a really good meal, with excellent, friendly, and fast service, and thier menu offered a really decent variety.
Char House Charleston, WV
I got conned into going here for luch...and I'll not return. This place is the poster-boy for all of us who can't tollerate buffets. The food is terrible, and their's nothing else the place has to offer to possible make up for that fact.
General Seafood Charleston, WV
You can.t quite tell if the delapitated boat decor is intentional or just real...the service here is good, the food...well, average. Their seafood is hit or miss, I've had both very good and very poor versions of the same menu item.
Fifth Quarter Steakhouse Charleston, WV
I've gone there...well, too many times really, before I discovered that they couldn't properly cook a steak to order to save...well, to save the restaurant, I guess.
Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar Charleston, WV
I went to this place twice...twice they got my order wrong. Once they turned a chicken salad into a chicken sandwich, and once they turned a shrimp salad into a chicken salad...the same one I wanted the first time...I'm convinced now, that no mat ... more
Red Lobster Parkersburg, WV
Yes, it's just a chain...but I've been in WV for a while, and for some reason, there are very few of these in the state...and I miss them...their dinner roles are so good, and their seafood is always good...I try to only go on all you can eat ... more
Sheetzs Morgantown, WV
This place, I almost hate to say, makes some of the best burgers I've ever had...their made to order, and they are really so very good. They have several sauces there that you wouldn't generally think to but on a burger, but take the plunge, ... more
  • Location Clarksburg, WV

  • Level Level 6

  • Points 635