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Restaurant Name City
Intown Internet Cafe Bangor, ME
this is a great place for the web junkie to sruf and eat, friendly and cool place
Coach House Restaurant Brewer, ME
this is a very fine place to eat, very helpful for people on resticked diets, great food, and wonderful service
Galyn's Galley Restaurant Bar Harbor, ME
this is a great place to get away too, love the place, good food, great service and very friendly locals
Oceanside Grill Bar Harbor, ME
I am very impressed with the new ownership, Dont change a thing , still the best place to go for breakfast in Bar harbor
Gritty Mc Duff's Freeport, ME
This was a very good place to stop, I love the fried clams, the batter is to die for, the sitting is very interesting and vary fun overall place, very friendly service
Hotel Terrace Millinocket, ME
this is a very very wonderful place to dine, the family run place is fast and friendly, the food is the best in the area, Harriet and DonutYour the Best!!!
Penobscot Room Millinocket, ME
this is a wonderful place, hard to get into at times, small but well worth the try, fast service and very large helpings of food
Cappy's Chowder House Camden, ME
this is a very good place, good the food is very tasty and very reasonably priced, Camden's finer places
Whitehall Inn Camden, ME
this is a good place to eat if you just dont want to leave the hotel, very friendly place
Sea Dog Brewing Co Camden, ME
I had very bad service when I was there, food was slow coming and the waitress didnt impress me at all, last time I will ever go there
  • Location millinocket, ME

  • Level Level 5

  • Points 210