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I am the phantom gourmet. I eat everywhere I can and never usually pay. I fake a seizure or jump out the bathroom window.
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Restaurant Name City
Old Inlet Bellport, NY
I sat and had a beer, talked to the staff and patrons and realized that life is good and this place is much better than that, kinda like cheers in new york.
121 Restaurant North Salem, NY
When I got to dingle road I couldnt believe the place looked lieke heaven. The place was set for the angels and the food was for the gods. WOw...
Crabtree's Kittle House Chappaqua, NY
Wow, great meal and nothing beats their desert menue. What I couldnt understand is how they got so damned good at what they do. I want to buy stock in the place.
Black Whale Bronx, NY
What a super place. The burgers were absolutely fantastic, the fried were seasoned just right and the menu was super great.
Magnolia Brooklyn, NY
I had the anchovie and bacon pizza, everything was done to perfection. Cheese was bubbling, the bacon was crispy and the pizza was super.
Skytop Restaurant White Plains, NY
I had the "fish and chips" new york stlye, it was interesting but VERY good. I also had a clam roll... wow, the lobster was great too.
Town New York, NY
Super fantastic menu and super prices. I would go back every time I am visiting NYC. Try the bufalo burgers.
Brightwaters Inn Brightwaters, NY
I went there and looked for TODD, but we wasnt there, was he on vacation? BUt everything was absolutely fantastic, so they werent lying, 5 stars all th way.
Ferrier New York, NY
I like the burgers the best, the appetizer salad was fresh also.
Ivy Cottage Williston Park, NY
Fabulous eye rond and rib eye, I even had A! steak sauce with it! I had red wine too. super.
  • Location fall river, MA

  • Gender Male

  • Level Level 9

  • Points 3995