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Edmonton, AB

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Asian Hut Restaurant Edmonton, AB
Gave this obscure little place a shot, and was glad I did. Found the food fresh and tasty and the prices were a little high, but ok for what you were dining on.
Oriental Phoenix Restaurant Calgary, AB
Had a really good dining experience here. Everyone of us were very satisfied with our decision to dine here. The food was very colourful and tasty, not bland.
Oriental Noodle House Edmonton, AB
What a surprise! A fusion of Asian & European cuisines that is carried off quite well.
Passion Calgary, AB
Great food and staff. Very nice. I was very surprised! Would return again any day!
Submission Bakerye Edmonton, AB
Vote! This place deserves a couple of stars just for its name! Not something you'll see all over Canada! Good breads, good smells, good sandwiches and good enuff to give it a try.
Cheesecake Cafe & Bakery Edmonton, AB
Great food here! Very tasty and sweet. It satisfied my sweet tooth really fast.
Westrock Bakery Cafe Boulevard Calgary, AB
The do have cheesecake. ALl the deserts were good and the service prompt and the atmosphere was nice, too.
Grandma Lee's Bakery & Eating Edmonton, AB
Great soups and even better sandwiches! All at even better prices.
Casa D'Italia Ristorante Calgary, AB
This is a good place to stop by for both a meal and then if you want a place to spend the evening for a few drinks and some dancing... give it a try
Garcias Restaurante Mexicano Calgary, AB
Very good authentic mexican food, I have been there several times with groups of people and everyone seemed to enjoy there food, I know I did. I also took my mother there and she raved about it, which is rare (she's a food snob). Get reservati ... more
  • Location Edmonton, AB

  • Level Level 7

  • Points 905

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