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Beverly Soon Tofu Los Angeles, CA
Great Korean restaurant serving all things tofu. The tofu cauldron varies in intensity from plain to hot, a tasty broth which cloaks the soy chunks and add-ins of your choice (beef, clams, shrimp, veggies, etc.). Waitresses will then break a raw egg ... more
Sa Rit Gol Korean Restaurant Los Angeles, CA
Tiny well served restaurant offering the tastiest Korean side dishes. The waitresses actually will help you grill the meat on your table. Try the pa-jun for an appetizer. For ten bucks you get a corean-style crepe will all kinds of goodies embedded i ... more
Paru's Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Los Angeles, CA
<br> Enter your own secret garden at this southern Indian vegetarian. Choose to sit at plant-shrouded outdoor tables or inside booths surrounded by vivid clutter. This is down-home food of southern India, based largely on lentils, rice and ... more
Woo Lae Oak Of Seoul Restaurant Los Angeles, CA
Gourmet Korean fare served by gracious and informative staff, especially to those who are new to Korean cuisine. Savor the steak tartare bi bim bap, a jumble of delicate meat, rice and cold, spicy vegetables. Fish lovers will enjoy the tantalizing ... more
Anarkali Los Angeles, CA
Hit-or-miss Indian let down by the uneven pricing. The dinner for two is disappointing with its paltry portions of tandoori chicken, curries, vegetable soup and rice would better suit one hungry diner. <br> <br>
Chameau Los Angeles, CA
A small and fetching French-Moroccan restaurant whose subtle décor and well-thought-out menu make me hope for a new neighborhood place with as much substance as style. Try the pan-roasted sea bass, it comes with a tagine of tiny-dice squashes and ... more
Asakuma Los Angeles, CA
Asakuma caters to an upscale business crowd with sophisticated decor and carefully primped dishes. The dining room is split into two sections: a formal, sit-down area with sleek, honey-colored wood paneling, and a more casual sushi bar occupied by th ... more
U-Zen Japanese Restaurant Los Angeles, CA
Cozy restaurant serving standard Japanese fare. Try the "dynamite" appetizer, a baked casserole of scallops and mushrooms swimming in an indulgent, thick mayonnaise sauce. Some of the entrées are less favourable.
Noshi Sushi Los Angeles, CA
Sushi that's more filling than flavorful is served to an eclectic crowd with time to burn. Everyone starts with miso soup, strong and chock-full of tofu. For the generous servings alone, the sushi is good value, though few orders shine.
Taix French Restaurant Los Angeles, CA
Probably not the best French restaurant in town, but it's homey and comforting--with prices to match. The traditional Taix dinners include soup, salad and dessert and hover around $15 per person. Has an extensive wine list is known for its cut-ra ... more
  • Location LA, CA

  • Level Level 4

  • Points 125