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Hazel's Acampo, CA
The food was actually pretty good, but the atmosphere was so so, maybe for a impromtu lunch it would be great. I'm one of those resteraunt hoppers, so I gladly added this to my list. I say give it a try, you never know =)
Harbor View Chinese Restaurant Alameda, CA
The view was absolutely gorgeous, (which helped us ignore the so-so courses) The service was good, (very friendly people) and the portions were fine. It was okay, but not my favorite chinese food.
Milano Restaurant San Francisco, CA
You know, I really enjoyed the atmosphere here, felt kind of 'upscale" haha. The food was expensive, and tasty people were dressd nicely, plenty of time for casual chatter before dinner arrived. After dinner I was not what you would call ful ... more
Caffe Sport San Francisco, CA
Way overpriced if you ask me, for decent food. Its a take a friend to lunch type place, but expect to wait, because they seem to cram the people in! If it were half the price, I'd bumo it up a star and a half..thats just me though.
The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton San Francisco, CA
Wonderful place! Great, no Spectacular food, great atmosphere, talk about wine and dine! Its worth the appointment and crazy prices you pay for the pampering...a special occasion type thing, men take your ladies here on your anniversary! (and tell my ... more
Postrio San Francisco, CA
We walked in and the place looked absolutley magnificent, everyone was all facied up, the waiters in handsome attire, and then they saw us. It was as if a beggar had come in to use the restroom. The service was poor (They doubted we'd tip) The fo ... more
Kuleto's Restaurant San Francisco, CA
The food here is pretty decent, I'd call it similar to you Olive Garden, but more expensive, with less menu choices...(somewhere there is an Olive garden near you, find it) The service once agina, was nice, the atmosphere was soso..nothing specia ... more
Michelangelo Cafe San Francisco, CA
A great drop in resteraunt (long as u aren't in a hurry) Food is good (loved the gummy bears) people are very friendly, and helpful, and you really feel at home (despite eating with complete strangers)
Little City Antipasti Bar San Francisco, CA
We went in for a light meal, and ended up with a table full of appetizers! They were all great, and didn't empty our pocket book too much. A great place for a lunch, or early dinner!
Yoneda Stockton, CA
You Know, I can't say it was bad, becaue the food was pretty good, but somehow, it just wasn't as good as I expected. The atmosphere, and staff were attentive, the prices were okay..but nothing to make you say wow! Who knows, try it, maybe i ... more
  • Location stockton, CA

  • Level Level 5

  • Points 245