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Jim's Family Restaurant Peoria, IL
This is actually in Bartonville, not Peoria. The big focus here is breakfast, as the place closes at 2 pm. It's open early (5am) and serves breakfast and lunch. Decent food - nothing spectacular, but a limited menu with cheap prices.
Old Chicago Peoria, IL
Not just pizza, but incredible pasta dishes and calzones, too! 110 beers on the menu.. meow! Domestic, import and microbrew beers.. you'll think you've died and gone to beer heaven. Their cheesecake is out of this world! Excellent staffing at ... more
Schooner's Bloomington, IL
Tenderloins the size of hubcaps and the BEST homemade onion rings in the world! During the summer, dine outside in the beer garden for a fun experience!
Hammer's Bar & Restaurant Peoria, IL
Bartonville's one saving grace.. Hammer's homemade pizza! It's thick, it's cheesy, and it's delicious! A very casual atmosphere with good food at good prices! Two thumbs up!
La Fiesta Bar & Grill Morton, IL
Very good mexican fare! Goat cheese nachos - need I say more?! I've yet to have a bad meal here! Attentive servers and a casual atmosphere! Bravo, La Fiesta.
Ruby Tuesday's Morton, IL
Ruby's always lures me into the door with their salad bar and deep-fried onion sticks! Great service and convenient location. Good job!
Panera Bread Company Peoria, IL
I've been to the St Louis version of this national chain (St Louis Bread Company) and find the prices in StLou to be MUCH higher. I don't find the sandwiches offered at Panera to be anything special and too over-priced... it's the bread(s ... more
Haddad's Restaurant Peoria, IL
I'm not a fan of the location of this place, but I do like the food! Tony and his staff will go out of their way to make sure you get plenty to eat. Take home some of their pita chips and you'll be a happy camper!
Jo's Java and Ice Cream Peoria, IL
Great service and a great variety of treats on the menu. I'd drive MILES to get a cup of their latte!
Bogie's Bar & Grill Peoria, IL
I wasn't impressed here! Over priced bar style food served on real plates.. don't insult me like that! If you want a $8.00 cheeseburger, head to a REAL restaurant.
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