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La Villa Roma Leesburg, VA
I can concurr with my fellow user.This restaurant is barely worth the title.If you want to agravate your gastritis go eat there....
Houston's Washington, District of Columbia
THis place is excellent.From the shoestring fries, that really deserve that moniquer, to the service everything is exceptional. I have yet to find better ribbs here in DC.
Legal Seafood Washington, District of Columbia
Ithink it is rare to find a chain that is as consistently good as legal seafoods.Especially for a seafood restaurant I have yet to find fresher fish or better service.The Tuna sandwich was to die for
Primi Piati Washington, District of Columbia
If you want a romantic tete a tete for a first date I can greatly recomend this restaurant.You will not find more authentic italian atmosphere or cuisine as here..i felt like I was being beamed to italy
Red Robin Gaithersburg, MD
For a chain these burgers and varied sandwiches are pretty darn good. Especially the pot raost burger is excellent(ask for ectra horseradish sauce).The service around non can be a bit slow though.
Red Robin Restaurant Germantown, MD
The whole chain is very professionally run and the quality of the food from one location to the next does not varry much. Having said this I do hve to point out that this location managers does deserve praise for running a tight operation.
Golden Bull Grand Cafe Gaithersburg, MD
Eventhough the prices are abit high it is waranted by the quality of the food.My company threw a Christmas party there a couple of years back and it was excellent as well. I can highly recomend this place
Tara Thai Rockville, MD
I could not disagree more with my previous reviewers.I think the service is excellent and so is the food.I might not quite as hot as athentic thai cuisine but I have been , in the past, accomodated and received a dish spicy enough to be called thai.I ... more
Hamburger Hamlet Rockville, MD
I think for a place like this the hamburgers should be a hell of a lot better.They are over cooked and tought and not very imaginative. the service is mediocre and eventhough the ambiance is very nice it seems to be more suited for a cocktail bar pop ... more
Pf Chang Rockville, MD
This is an excellent restaurant.Very worthy of its 4 stars.It might not be authentic asian cocking but this is the first chinese restaurant which does not make me sick because of rancid oil. It is clean and the dishes are very imaginative.I can highl ... more
  • Location frederick, MD

  • Level Level 5

  • Points 250