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Yard House Roseville, CA
Nice place with a large, varied menu with something for everyone. Bigogi appetizer is exceptional, but they do keep changing up their menu frequently. Fish tacos are great. Hard to tie down their type of food......they cover a bunch of stuff........t ... more
High Hand Cafe Loomis, CA
Prices reflect lunch....dinner a bit more. Exceptional place. Greenhouse construction, adjacent to the High Hand Nursery. EVERYTING I've tried is above average in flavor and quality. Excellent service with ample parking. Reservations are a MUST...... ... more
Taylors Loomis, CA
Small hamburger joint. Very popular and good food. The burgers have a real good taste....guess a lot like grilled at home! Drinks are very good too. Their 'associate' shop is a trailer set up down the road a mile or so. A real treat to get their food ... more
River Rock Inc. Roseville, CA
This place is long gone...........tough spot to succeed.
The Town Lounge Roseville, CA
This place is gone! Quite a few places have tried this location and haven't made it.........must be jinxed...........
Texas West Bar-B-Cue Roseville, CA
This placed closed down about a year ago and was replaced by the Peg's which is an outstanding breakfast place.
Peg's Glorified Eggs and Ham Roseville, CA
Hard to define this place. They specialize in Hawaiian, but also have Mexican influence too! Loco moco, tamale and eggs, chili over rice w'eggs, plus grits on the side. Big menu with so many interesting selections! I've tried about 7 items and they'v ... more
Nubbins Drive In Roseville, CA
A little drive in adjacent to an empty lot on Washington. Food pretty good, especially the fries and liquid stuff like shakes......real homemade flavors. Burgers are ok, but if they worked just a little harder on customer service they'd double their ... more
High Steak House in Thunder Valley Casino Lincoln, CA
This is a first class place. Have eaten here about 6 times and their food, ambiance and service is excellent. Especially like their halibut (seasonal). Their sides are really good (and ample). They do seem pricey, but they do give you lots and the qu ... more
Tahoe Joe's Roseville, CA
They've got some variations on the normal, like they have shrimp that is tempura, but is sweet and crunchy and good. Much of their stuff is wood grilled....and their decor is woodsy and comfortable like their name suggests. Their food and service is ... more
  • Location Lincoln, CA

  • Age 73

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  • Level Level 7

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