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Restaurant Name City
New World Bistro Kansas City, MO
I tend to like bistros and this was no exception. The wait staff was excellent, very polite. The food was good and served quickly. I can see myself returning here for many other dinners.
Max's Autodiner Kansas City, MO
I love Max's autodiner. It's such a small little restaurant, but the food is classicaly good and fairly priced. They serve big portion burgers with pretty much whatever you could want on them.
Chipotle Mexican Grill Kansas City, MO
Mexican owned by McDonalds? Who would have thought. Needless to say, Chipotle is a pretty good lunch spot. Under five bucks for a burrito the size of a child. Plus, if you're of age they serve some fine cervezas. I try to stop off at chipotle at ... more
Joe's Pizza By the Slice Kansas City, MO
Great location for good tasting pizza. Also, dollar pizza on tuesdays and wednesdays. Enough said right there.
Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant Kansas City, MO
As a college student, buffet style eating becomes more and more a part of my eating regiment. Sweet Tomatoes is a great place to go if you are in the mood for a LOT of salad. the salda bar is simply amazing. On the other hand, the pasta, soup, and pi ... more
Chubby's Breakfast & Burgers Kansas City, MO
I cant rightfully give Chubby's a good review. While I tend to love greasy foods and diner style eating, one time i was served french fries with a pubic hair deep fried into one. I would like to give them more credit, but the place needs to be cl ... more
Canyon Cafe Kansas City, MO
I dont know what is in the spread they serve to you with breadsticks, but I am hooked. I really like this restaurant. The wait can be long sometimes, and the service a bit slow, but for the price it is very good. I have had a variety of items from th ... more
Joe D's Wine Bar-Cafe Kansas City, MO
Joe D's is a great corner restaurant in brookside. Pretty much everyone who has been to brookside can attest to the friendly atmosphere. It doesnt matter who you are or where you're from, everyone just wants to talk to you there. Joe D's ... more
Corner Cafe Kansas City, MO
I am quite partial to the Corner Restaurant. My best friend and I will go here on a bi-weekly basis. It maintains a feeling of breakfast tradition while adding in some flavor of its own. With my usual trend for breakfast eating, i tend to get the exa ... more
Jerusalem Cafe Kansas City, MO
I had never tasted any of these foods before eating at Jerusalem Cafe. Without a doubt, I am hooked. The Chicken Gyro has a beautiful flavor that everyone should try. I must also mention that every meal comes with a great salad with a huge hunk of go ... more
  • Location Kansas City, MO

  • Level Level 4

  • Points 130