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Casa Gonzalez Leesburg, VA
Mexican food does not have to be heavy or greasy. It can be mild or very spicy and this Casa has nothing to do with fast food. A pleasant staff, in pleasant surroundings – part of a former bowling alley shared with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s ... more
Tapei Cafe Leesburg, VA
OK, you are in a rush and you need your Chinese fix now, right now... This is the place. Lets just say you will get hot food, its not bad, its authentic, and there is not too much MSG. If you know what you want, they will shape it to your taste. E ... more
Mama Lucci Leesburg, VA
A pleasant small restaurant that promises more than it can deliver. If you have the tots along and are not difficult – the zombie like staff, the veal that tastes like mush and no wine to wash down the chef’s bad hair days, you will be ok. ... more
Jr's Sotckyards Inn Vienna, VA
JR’s is the granddaddy of the area’s steak houses. Long before the Logan’s, the Lone Stars and the Morton’s invaded the Northern Virginia burbs, JR’s was busy turning out steak – in all shapes and sizes - as it should be served – to yo ... more
Logan's Roadhouse Restaurant Sterling, VA
I must concur with the previous reviewer. Our recent experience was less than satisfactory. Service was inept and surly. The steaks were tough and not cooked as ordered. The ribs were marginally better. We vowed to strike this one from our list!
Banjara Ashburn, VA
About to celebrate its 2nd year, this little restaurant has survived, I think due to its clientele of natives longing for a taste of home (always a good sign). Specializing in the dishes of Southern India, the menu offers choices from other parts of ... more
That's Amore Sterling, VA
If this is your night to “pig-out” on Italian with the whole family, this is the place to be. This is not fancy Italian, and certainly not a romantic-little-mama’s-place to take that significant other. This is bright lights, wide spaced table ... more
Cheng's Restaurant Sterling, VA
Ok, this place deserves a “Very Good” for décor, ambiance, and service - But I do not go to a restaurant to feed the Koi. The menu is un-inspirational and the food is frankly disappointing. This is exactly what Chinese restaurants thought woul ... more
Cafe Rue Greenwich, CT
Small and cozy restaurant with a Spanish/Mediterranean theme. Attractive menu at reasonable prices for Greenwich. Attentive service and pleasant wine list. The chef has a good eye for color and presentation. All in all a pleasant experience for t ... more
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse Washington, District of Columbia
Yes the steaks are rather good, but the overwhelming aggressiveness of the wine stewardess was off putting and only a cover-up for ignorance. Game playing with decanting is useless particularly if you mix different wines in the same glasses. The ov ... more
  • Location Leesburg, VA

  • Level Level 4

  • Points 155