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Restaurant Name City
Carrows South Pasadena, CA
I have been here three times this past month. The fries are very good and come with sandwiches and burgers. The Mile-High Pot Roast sandwich was very juicy and thick. I took half home and microwaved it still tasted good. <br> Service is ... more
Hi Life Burgers South Pasadena, CA
This is across the street from a middle school and becomes very loud and lively when school is out. There are hoards of kids hanging around the entrance. You need to wait for your number to be called and pick up at section. Also they take phone in ... more
Shaker's Restaurant South Pasadena, CA
They have counter and table service. Restrooms are very clean and smell fresh. Windows are clean, servers bring refills in timely manner. The quiche lorraine is fantastic. Also the only place I know to get a Monte Cristo sandwich. Lunch for one ... more
  • Location Los Angeles, CA

  • Age 57

  • Gender Female

  • Level Level 2

  • Points 15

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5050 Wilshire Boulevard,
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