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Restaurant Name City
Tyroni's Italian Cafe Peoria, IL
good pizza and pasta, fast take out or call'em up for a lunch or dinner delivery dine in area is kind of small, staff is very freindly
Tony's Pizza Svc Pekin, IL
if you think all pizza places are the same than you havent had Tony's.......great pizza
Merle's Barbecue Evanston, IL
in my humble opinion the best bbq in the civilized world the meat just falls off the bone and melts in the mouth gaurenteed to be the best meal you ever had
The Olive Garden Springfield, IL
just like every other one around the country excellent service and great food you cant go wrong here
Alexander's Steakhouse Springfield, IL
I cant get enough of this place you can pick out your own steak and even cook your own steak its very nice great atmosphere friendly people
New England Lobster House Springfield, IL
I love seafood and this place makes me love it even more a little on the pricey side but well worth it call ahead and reserve a table for the early bird its the best time to go
Luca Pizza Springfield, IL
had one of these places in the local mall years ago and it was the best pizza by the slice around and you know it still is stop in and give'em a try good prices good food
Ruby Tuesday Springfield, IL
best salad bar you'll find you can make a meal with just that or they have great burgers and some excellent soups and they have a full bar as well
Red Lobster Springfield, IL
been to many of these places and they are all about the same a little pricey but large portions make it worth it this one is very clean and the staff is very friendly
Martini's Peoria, IL
I am not much of a bar goer but I like this place live music and good service make for a great experience
  • Location Pekin, IL

  • Level Level 5

  • Points 255