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Ly-Luck Restaurant Oakland, CA
This is not good Chinese food, and it is really not that clean. I urge you to go elsewhere to eat.
Isobune Oakland, CA
This seems to be a popular neighborhood Japanese restaurant. My mother-in-law seems to really like their bento boxes. I think the food here is okay. I'm not sure that this is a completely authentic Japanese restuarant. I suspect it might be a Chi ... more
Delicious Food Co Oakland, CA
This is a wonderful place for inexpensive Chinese cakes and baked goods. I like picking up dim sum to go. They also offer party trays of standard fare like beef chow fun, broccoli beef, chow mein, fried rice, etc. I've been coming here for over 1 ... more
Cam Huong Express Oakland, CA
Hands down, this is the best spot for Vietnamese sandwich. I usually ask them to go light on the mayo and skip the hot peppers. Do keep that in mind or you will be in for a hot spicy surprise in your sandwich. Did I mention this place is dirt cheap, ... more
Buttercup Kitchen Family Restaurant Oakland, CA
This is a good place for breakfast. The portions are generous and the food is good. The service could be better, but this place has been around forever. I believe that Suze Orman (the financial guru) once was a waitress here.
Cafe Velarian Oakland, CA
This place has really gone down in quality. I wouldn't recommend that you come here. You are better off going to one of the many other breakfast places in Oakland. I am updating my previous review.
Cactus Taqueria Oakland, CA
This is the sister restaurant to the one on Solano Avenue in Berkeley. This a great tacqueria that uses Niman Ranch meats. The quality of the ingrediants really shows in the food. I have to urge you to order their crispy chicken tacos. They are out o ... more
Bay Wolf Restaurant Oakland, CA
This is a wonderful restaurant that is a star in the crowded Oakland Berkeley foodie scene. Some reviewers find the dining areas crowded, but there is so much character in the rooms of this renovated Craftmans style house. I enjoyed my lunch here imm ... more
Lee's Tofu House Newark, CA
There is a dearth of good Korean food in the Fremont area. But if you are fond of soon dofu jjigae (Korean spicy tofu soups), this is a good place to eat. Do take care to consider how the hotness factor when you order. The Korean spicy scale is much ... more
Good Neighbour Restaurant Newark, CA
I rated this at 4 stars rather than 3 stars because of the bang for the buck factor. I do prefer the now closed sister restaurant Yong Kang that was located across the parking lot. But three dishes for $16.50 is a bargain for good Cantonese food. The ... more
  • Location Fremont, CA

  • Gender Female

  • Level Level 7

  • Points 1360

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