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Restaurant Name City
Cattlemen's Selma, CA
Wow! the prime rib here is great. I have been trying alot of prime rib and this is one of the best. There is so much to choose from you should find something you like. But the prime rib. try it
Farmer Boys Restaurant Ontario, CA
This is a fast food joint. But one of the better ones! They do just a little more than those other fast food places and that makes them my first choice when I am here.
Vejar's Mexican Restaurant Tulare, CA
The bar here is pretty popular at night. Food is still good and service is still excellent.
Visalia Brewing Company Visalia, CA
It is strange how at first when a new place is starting off they want to make everything great. Then you go back after a while and it starts to change. This bar has changed, it was a nice place to go. Now I go somewhere else, they have new people tha ... more
Hooters Long Beach, CA
Love these restaurants, they have good food and the service is...well, how do you complain to a pretty smile.
Fisher Lake Inn Three Rivers, MI
Love prime rib I have only found a few places that I can say the prime rib is great
Orosi Pizza House Orosi, CA
The only pizza in town-go somewhere else. Its Cutler, what do you expect. Its a small town and its in the middle of nothing. If you are not too picky about pizza, try it, but be hungry and have no other choices
Ripe Tomato Fresno, CA
I would agree that that the restaurant is good, but to say excellent... It is always hard to serve large groups of people I understand, still I was not to pleased with the service.
Di Cicco's Italian Restaurant Fresno, CA
The DiCicco restaurants are all excellent family owned restaurant, there are several in the area , new restaurant in Visalia but this is the BEST OF THE BEST!! My favorite is clam al a mare, mmm spicy but good.Fresh homemade pizza like no other.
Orange Blossom Junction Exeter, CA
For the area the food is really good there is not much else around. I really like the feeling you get being there. Come inside from the heat and have something with a citrus zing. After a day on the lake not a bad place to stop
  • Location Visalia, CA

  • Level Level 5

  • Points 290