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Restaurant Name City
Larry's Pit BBQ Christopher, IL
Larry's isnt a five star BBQ restaurant by any means but it's a good place, especially around here. I enjoy eating there when I have the money.
Smokin' Moe's Ribhouse Winter Park, CO
Smokin' Moe's is a very good place to eat. Their BBQ sandwiches just melt in your mouth. As the previous review said, the atmosphere is great and the setting is very beautiful. It is in the middle of Winter Park, a ski resort town in the Rock ... more
Giant City Lodge & Restaurant Makanda, IL
This is my favorite restaurant of all time. Everything about it is excellent. The food, the scenery, the service, the surroundings, the history of the lodge as mentioned, it is all excellent and this place is worth a trip down. I live about 50 miles ... more
Corner Cafe Liberty, MO
This is a restaurant that you walk into and you will always walk out stuffed. It is good home cookin' and the service is really good. Everything they serve is huge. They have huge omlets that cover your plate, very good buscuits and gravy, and th ... more
Rosebud Cafe Pana, IL
It is nothing very special but when your on the road and want to stop at a truck stop, this is a great place. If you are going through on Friday night, they have a special Walleye night that is real good. Another thing that stands out in my mind I li ... more
Iowa 80 Truckstop Walcott, IA
Every time I'm in Iowa, this is always my favorite part of Iowa. The fried chicken (my favorite food I'm usually picky about) is very good, the rest of the buffet is good. It is a truck stop but not your typical hole-in-the-wall grease spoon. ... more
20's Hideout Steakhouse Marion, IL
For steak lovers like me, it isnt like when Dad cooks on the grill but it is still a great place to eat. My favorite menu item was an 18 oz porterhouse steak. That plus the baked potato, your drink, and an Oreo milkshake (which is very good) will cos ... more
Mike's Drive-In West Frankfort, IL
All of those things are good about this place but I think everyone is forgetting perhaps one of the best things here...the A&W root beer in the frosted mug. Don't get me wrong, the food is good but when I come there, it is because of the root ... more
  • Location Christopher, IL

  • Level Level 2

  • Points 40

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