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I eat out a lot! This was a great place to find to read about new restaurants and let others know about places I've been.
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Restaurant Name City
Magill's World Of Ice Cream Lakewood, CO
Simply faboo ice cream! Their cakes are great, and when I got one I was able to specialie it for a special birthday. The staff was very nice about it too.
Schlotzsky's Sandwich Shop Denver, CO
Their sandwiches are simply davoom, and yes the bread is out of this world. I couldn't believe the SIZE of the sandwiches! Yum! Their salt and vinegar chips are the best I've had, and their desserts are delish.
Applebees Neighboorhood Grill & Bar Loveland, CO
I totally agree that this place is great! I especially love their Tomato Basil Soup. It is simply faboo. The staff is always pleasant and helpful, and even though the bar is in the middle of the restaurant it has never overpowered the rest of the ... more
Kentucky Fried Chicken Loveland, CO
You might think, KFC what could possibly be bad there. I've been to some that were deplorable. This one isn't. The food always tastes good, and the staff is always ver nice. I've seen them frequently cleaning the diningroom even durin ... more
Kentucky Fried Chicken Loveland, CO
The food is good, and so is the staff. If you're a drive-thru person however, this is confusing! They share it with the Taco Bell, and I've seen more people having trouble getting through there than not. They could have come up with a bett ... more
Mandarin Palace Loveland, CO
We've eaten here a couple of times, and their Honey Chicken is out of this world! I tend to go through stages of spicy and non-spicy, and this satisfies the non-spicy to a tee! Fabulous place. I've never eaten inside, but the staff is grea ... more
Mcdonalds Loveland, CO
I agree that they are fast and usually clean. I have had trouble with my orders through the drive-thru. They tend to get so caught up with beinf fast that they forget about accuracy.
Wendys Loveland, CO
One of the only places in town that is open to us night owls. It's also one of the only fast food places where a person can get a relatively healthy meal on the go. They do have trouble with drink orders through the drive-thru though. If you o ... more
Dairy Queen Loveland, CO
Their ice cream is very good. This place is usually packed on any given summer evening! We've only ever had one complaint. We went in one evening last summer, and my friend really wanted hot fudge. It was only about 6 pm, and they were out! ... more
Burger King Loveland, CO
I'm not an eat in person because if I'm doing Fast Food it's because I'm in a hurry. This is NOT the drive-thru to go to if you are. They are always VERY slow. The people are always friendly though!
  • Location Fort Collins, CO

  • Level Level 6

  • Points 512