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Bojangles Cafe Ltd Vancouver, BC
Nice little place and when I say little I mean little many has 20 tables tops.... the veal was really nicly done and the protion was very nice and food nicely plated as well.
Cravings Cafe Vancouver, BC
A nice cafe with good service and good prices for the quality. You can't beat the location (Denman street for crying out loud) and the fact that it is fitted in comfortable fashion. The coffee service is great and the staff are very friendl ... more
Cafe Gloucester Vancouver, BC
The food was good, the service wasn't great. But a casual dinner for under 10$. This is a good deal. Not great, but not bad either. This place is a safe bet.
Moonbeans Coffee Cafe Vancouver, BC
An ok place, nothing really spectacular, but a good place to go when everything else is full. Decent and average, but nothing more.
Elbow Room Coffee Shop Vancouver, BC
Newspapers, good sandwiches and friendly service, this place is good! My only complaint is the lack of seating (often) and the sandwiches that are not stocked up. Otherwise I would give this an excellent.
Cactus Club Cafe Vancouver, BC
Awesome lil cafe famous for their breakfast, also serves lunch. This is a trendy joint with lots of celebrity reviews and pics. I had an omelete that was very greasy and filling. The staff prides itself on being a lil edgy and often rude. Check ... more
Chianti Cafe & Restaurant Vancouver, BC
Love this place. Atmosphere is fun, food is above average and service is fantastic. The only problem is they are busy, and it will take a while to get a seating during the prime times.
Cocorico Cafe Ltd Vancouver, BC
The food and service were very good. The pasta dishes were big and tasty. The only problem is that there are always so many people waiting.
Sushi Cafe Vancouver, BC
A tiny, underpopulated cafe, with nice staff and good pastries and decent drinks, this cafe is easy to miss. You must visit at least once. The price is a bit high, but this place actually feels like a cafe. Good place to avoid the Starbucks cro ... more
Prospect Point Cafe & Gift Shp Vancouver, BC
Pretty good sushi. Nothing extraordinary, nothing horrible. The 5 bucks spent won't hurt you, and you've spent it pretty wisely-so don't regret it. The service was average but what do you expect from a guy cutting up sushi all da ... more
  • Location new york, NY

  • Level Level 7

  • Points 920