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Restaurant Name City
Graziano's Italian Restaurant & Bar Upland, CA
This place rocks!! There are only a few to go to and they are all great. The food here is awesome. Its more of a bar/Italian pizza parlor but the service and food are worth comming back for anytime.
Black Watch Pub Upland, CA
This place is fun to go with your friends. Its a Cheers like atmosphere and also has different bands playing on different nights. The selection of beers is great and the prices are good.
BC Cafe Claremont, CA
This is homestyle cookin!!..Breakfast and lunch only and there are a lot of people because the food is the best!! Great place to take the entire family for breakfast or lunch..This is one of my personal favorites.
Kishi Japanese Restaurant Upland, CA
My friend and I had the opportunity to have the place to ourselves. We just asked the chef to serve us whatever he thought was good, and we had a wonderful dinner.
Red Baron Restaurant Alpine, WY
This is a little rest with a lot of history.. The original Red Baron pilot has pictures all over the place and makes for very good conversation.
Timberline Steakhouse Afton, WY
The steak just doesnt taste like it does in California!! This place was great!!! Definately the best quality of beef ive tasted!
Bette's Coffee Shop Alpine, WY
There is nothing like a good breakfast to start off the day when you have been camping in the wilderness for a week or two.. The servers made me feel like I had lived there my entire life.
Mountain High Pizza Pie Jackson, WY
The pizza is good, much better service than your typical pizza lines like pizza hut, but I prefer the taste of pizza hut, call me crazy. It tops the rest though, and has a little more variety. I'd reccomend delivery, it's worth the tip.
Anthony's Italian Restaurant Jackson, WY
This is a faithful renditon of this popular chain restaurant. Their fare is as good as the rest of their kin, quite tasty and very ample... particularly the wonderful salad served before the meal. Their garlic breadsticks are warm, tender, with ... more
Luigi's Diamondville, WY
This wasnt the best food that I have ever had but there isnt much of a choice in this little town. The prices were relatively cheap though.
  • Location Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • Level Level 4

  • Points 175