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T.B. Scott's Seafood Landing Corona, CA
One word wonderful. well there are more words to describe this place, but that is what comes to mind. wonderful bar and in particular. if you find out who it is, ask here to test the coffee in her special way. it got me going.
Juan Pollo Corona, CA
el pollo loco eat your heart out, there is a new sheriff in town, and his name is Juan...
Hometown Buffet Corona, CA
belly was growling like a big dog when we went here, and was ready for a nice nap upon leaving...very happy and content.
Eduardo's Mexican Restaurant Corona, CA
muy bueno, don't speak the spanish lingo very well, but if this is how the mexicans eat, i will learn very quickly.
Claim Jumper Corona, CA
can you say i'm full? outstanding service and portions. this is what all restaurants should be like.
Arrivederci's Italian Restaurant San Diego, CA need to go to Rome to get an authentic italian meal..this is the place.
Acapulco Restaurant & Cantina San Diego, CA
no matter what Acapulco you eat at, they all are tops in my book. keep those chips coming now
Alfie's Seafood Shoppe & Grill Miramar San Diego, CA
ay mattie, all aboard for some of the best seafood anywhere. you must say that with a pirates accent.
Andres' Cuban Restaurant San Diego, CA
Fidel would be proud. Need a good cigar after the heart portions though...and i don't even smoke
Claim Jumper Carlsbad, CA
No matter what CJ's you go too, they are all awesome. Hats off to the corporation...
  • Location Riverside, CA

  • Level Level 6

  • Points 500