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Rios Bar & Grill Seattle, WA
Very good Filipino food. Hard to find good Filipino food in Seattle, but this place is very good. Friendly service and very good Lumpia. Definitely worth a try.
Ristorante Machiavelli Seattle, WA
The food is OK, but the service and setting is not very good. For the money you can find a much better Italian restaurant in town. Not worth your effort.
Ristorante Ragazzi Seattle, WA
This is a very nice small authentic Italian restaurant. Cozy atmosphere and friendly wait staff. Candle lit tables for a romantic night out or just a relaxing dinner with some friends.
Rock Bottom Brewery Seattle, WA
This is one of my favorite breweries in Seattle. Awesome food and excellent beer make this a very enjoyable place to dine. Friendly staff and fun atmosphere make this a fun place to get a drink or a bite with some friends.
Rocksport Seattle, WA
This is a fun sports bar to go to with some friends to watch a game and grab a bite and have a few beers. Kind of slow service, but if are watching the game who cares.
Rooty's Sports Bar & Grill Seattle, WA
This is a nice sports bar with a decent menu and pretty good food. The staff is very friendly and lots of TVs to watch the game. Fun place to hang with your buddies.
Rositas Mexican Restaurant Seattle, WA
This is an average Mexican restaurant, but if you are in the area and in the mood for Mexican you could do worse. Friendly staff, but a little overpriced in my opinion.
Rovers Seattle, WA
If you are a fan of French food and very high class expensive dining than this is your place. Definitely one of the more respected restaurants in Seattle. Top notch all around, you will not be disappointed if you can afford it.
Royal India Seattle, WA
I am not a big fan of Indian food and this place didnt change my mind. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is nice, so if you like Indian it is probably worth a try.
Royal Palm Thai Restaurant Seattle, WA
This is a great Thai restaurant. Very authentic Thai cuisine with a few twists thrown in. Very friendly staff and a fun place to grab lunch with some friends or coworkers.
  • Location Kent, WA

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