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I love to cook! love to eat! love to go out to eat! love to try new foods! very open minded eater!
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La Madeeleine French Bakery Houston, TX
This place is fantabulous! Excellent for any meal, but breakfast seems to be my most frequent. With a delicious assortment of fresh coffees, teas, pastries, breads, fresh is a no brainer. Excellent service and moderate pricing makes this ... more
Tony's Mexican Restaurant Houston, TX
The best pina colodas and camarones adavados in Houston no doubt! I drive from Beaumont from Tony's every once in is that good! Large menu, large venue, extra parking in the back.. Superior waitstaff....Excellent Bartender, the best ... more
Spanish Flowers Mexican Restaurant Houston, TX
Hey, it's 24 hours...awesome tortiallas and it's a bit of Houston's been around for awhile. Service is sometimes lacking a little, but the food is pretty good and hey, it's 24 hours :)
Joe's Crabshack Beaumont, TX
Okay..this is okay as far as is a chain and it kinda feels like it! Friendly waitstaff helps, and it is moderately priced..just not that original in their menu selections.. but if you're happy with a plate of fried shrimp then it ... more
Gaido's Seafood Restaurant Galveston, TX
This is the place to go for seafood in Galveston..heck I'll drive any distance for Gaidos! I've been going there most of my nearly 30 years for special occassions (It is my birthday place of choice for at least the past 10 years) The SHRIMP ... more
Cavatore Italian Restaurant Houston, TX
Okay..first, sit on the right when you enter so that you can enjoy the piano (live)..he is very talented....and that is only one aspect of the wonderful atmosphere created in this very eclectic coverted barn into fabulous italian bistro! The waitsta ... more
Bo Lee Chinese Restaurant Houston, TX
This place is soo yummy and has good heart. Family owned and operated (I grew up in that area and ate there a ton growing up) has a huge ship inside and that is what you eat on..kinda sweet story, was orginally built to be a seafood restuarant, ... more
China Doll Houston, TX
Okay, I haven't been here since I was about 8 (now 28) but the fact that it is still there speaks to it's worth eh? Anyway, I have very fond memories of the China Doll - yummy wonton soup and sweet and sour pork. Very small place, family run ... more
Cafe Edi Houston, TX
In a really cool part of the heights (must check out the shops after breakfast on a sunny saturday afternoon) EXCELLENT for your Sunday brunch - home of yummy waffles and good service.
Cafe Adobe Houston, TX
The seafood enchiladas ROCK! Actually everything does...they also have this really fabulous orginal dish of a stuffed avacado that is so yummy! Excellent happy go lucky atmosphere with great ritas and coladas and friendly service. A must go for th ... more
  • Location Beaumont, TX

  • Level Level 4

  • Points 100