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At this time I'm looking for the 'dream team' of restaurants, since no one restaurant can be everything (well, since the Renaissance Tower closed then reopened with astronomical prices, less good food, and too many a la carte being just about everything except the meat). I've been concentrating on finding several restaurants in the immediate area that either specialize (like Chinese/Oriental) or at least try to be a little of everything. It's slow going, but I'll try to write about the ones I've visited that I really like or dislike.
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Hungry Howie Pizza Huntsville, AL
Chain store, good and bad -- know what's on menu, but sometimes that makes the restaurant not try to be that good overall; the time I went was okay, but that's the best I can say. Probably wouldn't go out of my way to eat there even if I ... more
Sonic Drive-In Huntsville, AL
Chain restaurant so you know somewhat what you get for a menu. Since it does have a unique variety {simpler foods such as burgers, grilled cheese, etc.} along with kids' meals and slushies and all it's rather known for all that including thei ... more
Cheeburger Cheeburger Huntsville, AL
It's a chain type burger joint but I was actually rather pleased with the food and the service having stopped to grab something on the way through town. If it was closer I would probably try it some more.
Joe Muggs Florence, AL
The price can easily be more to much more than quoted here because of the prices overall. Still, their slushy type lemonade or their snow cream with various toppings, then drinking one of those with or without an edible treat but reading purchases {d ... more
Outback Steakhouse Tempe, AZ
Pricier than even most steak houses, they do offer other things; like all chains though some are better than others. This one was rather nice, a bit better overall than most of the other ones that I've tried. Still between the prices and the loca ... more
Rally's Hamburgers Tempe, AZ
There are so much better Rally's than this location; fast food should not equal fast indigestion.
Mcdonald's Cullman, AL
Chain restaurant with all the usual on the menu; it's fast food. However, even for all that, it's one of their worst ones.
Hooters West Des Moines, IA
If everyone hadn't been so hungry I never would have gone in. Like all chains it has the same advantages and disadvantages; in this restaurant's case the bad always outweighs the good. It's supposed to be about the food; it never is.
Applebee's Grill & Bar Anniston, AL
It's a chain restaurant, so it's nothing special except that you pretty much know what to expect. Depending on staff turnover the service ranges from rotten to okay to better. It's standard trying to be upscale family type restaurant tryi ... more
Krispy Kreme Huntsville, AL
It's just another donut place to me. Not enough choices and overall I'd rather be at Dunkin's. This area, much like the one in the Shoals {NW AL} just doesn't 'get' what it takes to make it/donuts or anything.
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