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Kalico Kitchen Chico, CA
Great homestyle food. Cheap, you get entree, drink, salad, soup and bread. Highly recommend it.
Cozy Diner Chico, CA
Cheap, good food. Owned by the same guy who owns Kalico Kitchen and several other restaurants. Entree, salad, soup, drink and bread for under $5.00.
Kalico Kitchen of Live Oak Live Oak, CA
Kalico Kitchen is a chain. They have restaurants in Paradise and Chico, also. The food is good, homestyle, and cheap. You get your meal, soup, salad and a drink for under $10.00 Service is always good. I highly recommend it.
Cattlemans Rancho Cordova, CA
Cattleman's is great. Steaks, prime rib, chicken. Huge portions. I've been there several times for office parties.
Waffle Shop Rancho Cordova, CA
The waffle shop is a chain. They serve breakfast and lunch, no dinner. It's primarily a coffee shop kind of place, but the food is pretty good, and so is the service.
Samoa Cookhouse Samoa, CA
I totally agree with the above comments. I've been there several times and have not been disappointed. The bread is great, they don't have the kind of dressing that I like on my salads, but I manage. Menu is limited to whatever they are serving th ... more
Chubby's Diner Vacaville, CA
Chubby's is a chain of restaurants. They're diner style, like Dennys. They have dinners and sandwiches. I found it to be pretty good.
Huey's Diner West Sacramento, CA
Huey's is a chain. They have lunches and dinners. The food is good and homestyle, nothing spectacular or to write home about. I would recommend it.
Jasper's Giant Hamburgers Woodland, CA
Jaspers is a California burger chain. The burgers are good, nothing spectacular. I would recommend it.
Coco's Bakery Rstrnt Yuba City, CA
Coco's is a California restaurant chain. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food is good, but not spectacular. The times that I've been to one, the service has been good.
  • Location Chico, CA

  • Level Level 4

  • Points 165