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St.Louis, MO

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Grahams Grille At the Loop Saint Louis, MO
It's a decent neighborhood grill place. The prices are'nt terribly high and the food is very decent. I was a little unimpressed by the location however. And the atmopshere was'nt too inviting. But its a good bang for your buck.
John D Mc Gurks Irish Pub Saint Louis, MO
You must go here on St. Patty's day! The atmosphere is great and there is plenty of guiness beer flowing. It is a very popular bar on Soulard so be prepared to wait awhile for your drinks on a busy weekend. The prices are quite reasonable and the ... more
Robata of Japan Saint Louis, MO
I was'nt too impressed by the food that you get after paying quite a pocketful. True the atmosphere is great and cooks prepare your food right in front of your eyes. But the prices could've been toned down a little. I recommend Mr. Sushi over ... more
Jakes Steaks Saint Louis, MO
I like the bar and drinks here better than the food. It's a great place to hang out with friends over a lazy weekend. The atmosphere is relaxed and laid back. The bartenders are extremely friendly and generous. The barbecue ribs is the only item ... more
Clancy's Rib Co Saint Louis, MO
This place is'nt exactly rib heaven. The meat is undercooked and bland. Their selection of sauces is meager and uninteresting. They do however have some house specials. But after my less than sumptuous dinner I'm disinclined to try them. Ther ... more
House of Chu Saint Louis, MO
It's a great place for cheap Thai food. I was impressed by the large proportions and waitstaff who could actually speak english. You have to see the prices to believe them. They're absolutely rock bottom. Cant' go wrong here.
Wildhorse Saloon Nashville, TN
If you like southern food and country music then this is the place for you. The atmosphere is great with plenty of dancing and singing. It's primarily a bar and a hot tourist attraction. The great food is an added incentive to visit this place. I ... more
Norman Couser's Country Cooking Nashville, TN
It's a wonderful place to experience southern warmth, hospitality and food. It's a family owned restaurant, meaning you get that extra home made touch to everything you order. The prices are very reasonable and atmosphere great. I was somewha ... more
Applebee Nashville, TN
It's typical applebees- Quick and plentiful food at reasonable prices. I dont' understand how the other reviewers felt otherwise. The waitstaff seemed friendly and decent enough with us even when we went there on a crowded friday night. As in ... more
The Melting Pot Nashville, TN
If its your anniversary and you dont' mind spending $30 a head on dinner then Melting pot is the place for you. We went there exclusively for the dessert so I cant' comment on the dinner. But from the menu it looked pretty pricy. The dessert ... more
  • Location St.Louis, MO

  • Level Level 5

  • Points 385