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Bugaboo Creek Bangor, ME
I went here when I was working and the food was awesome and the service was even better hard to believe.I enjoyed the steak it was one of the best thank you for the food in no mans land.
Charlie's Steak House Orlando, FL
it was some of the best steak I have had in any area I was on vacation and thought it was one of he best I have ever had . If I evber head down there again I will have to go there first.
Le Coq Au Vin Orlando, FL
I thought the food here was great and I did not expect the fish to be that fresh but I felt I was back in he harbor all over again .The food is excellent and the service was great.
Cafe Tu Tu Tango Orlando, FL
I could not believe it I visited the restraunt because I saw it here and I enjoyed the amazing art wortk and the food . I met my uncle here and he had never been here because it is such a secret but he thought it was amazing . I want to thank you for ... more
Boston Lobster Feast Orlando, FL
Ok I am from Maine and I cannot find lobster sometimes here that is as fresh as I had it here I lived in boothbay harbor and had a room mate that braught me fresh lpbster and I have to admit it is very cole a little more expencive but lets admit not ... more
Orlando Ale House Orlando, FL
My uncle took me here and what a great time we had . The food ws great but the sperits was better.We enjoyed our time with the people and had fun at the bar the staff was amazing we has a great time.
Easy Street Cafe & Deli Orlando, FL
I wanted to eat at the red lobster but I was braught here thank god because the food is amazing and the atmosphere is better thanks to orlando for making my vacation for the food I enjoyed.
Pebbles Restaurant Orlando, FL
I am so glad my uncle braught me here it was the fith restraunt we went to for staying a couple of weeks I am so happy we had the cance to have dinner here. I had the fish filets and the waitress recomended it to me thank you sarah.It was awesome .
House of Blues Orlando, FL
I had an awesome time here. I only had a burger and it was expencive but what the hell I was on vacation. I saw an awesome band and the food and sevice was great I have waited longer for a beer when I was in a bar in Maine with only two people in lin ... more
Steak 'n Shake Orlando, FL
The staek was not what I expected but it was good anyways . I had fun and enjoyed myself. The sub was perfect fopr lunch I am low carb and that helped me out the way I needed.
  • Location Lewiston, ME

  • Level Level 6

  • Points 495