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Restaurant Name City
Z Tejas Chandler, AZ
I recall the food was more expensive than the other reviewers, and not worth the price. The food was good, but overall I was not too impressed with the entrees. I must admit though the tortilla soup is a highlight.
Pizzerio Bianco Phoenix, AZ
This is my far the best pizza in Arizona. The old brick building adds to the ambiance. Located within historic Hertiage Square. The wait is long, but there's always Bar Bianco open next door.
Razz's Arizona
Hosted by a five-star chef, this an excellent fine-dining restaurant great for romantic evenings.
Keg Chandler, AZ
I wasn't impressed by the look and feel of this restaurant. The waiters and waitresses were new and inexperienced. The dining area was cramped. The steak was above average, but for these prices I can find better for cheaper elsewhere.
  • Location Phoenix, AZ

  • Level Level 2

  • Points 20