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My wife of 39 years and I like to travel the backroads of America to see and enjoy all that God has provided. We like to eat in the locally-owned restaurants as much as possible. This is why I rarely post a review of a chain-type restaurant (even if we eat at one).
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Palio Ann Arbor, MI
My wife and I had dinner here one evening in July (2007). There are so many places in Ann Arbor, it was difficult for us to make a selection. It was so busy we figured it had to be a good choice - and it was! We decided to eat outside which was lovel ... more
Tong's Springfield, MO
Traveling through town, I stopped here a about two weeks ago on a Friday evening. I almost did not go inside as there did not appear to be anyone else there. But just as I was about to get back into my vehicle, a couple of men approached the door and ... more
Mordecai's Springfield, KY
My wife and I were just traveling through this pleasant little town on a late Sunday morning earlier this month. We stopped and had their brunch buffet. Our opinion: first rate! pleasant atmosphere, friendly service, good food. Cost was reasonable ... more
King Buffet Danville, KY
My wife and I were in town for the Great American Brass Band Festival which is a truly pleasant experience. We asked the desk clerk at our motel for a dinner recommendation and she suggested this place. We have eaten at a lot of Chinese buffets and ... more
A & A Pagliai's Pizza Iowa City, IA
My wife and I decided to stop here on the strength of the previous reviews of this place. We were glad we did - excellent pizza. If you want something other than pizza, you have to go somewhere else. They do one thing here and they do it very well. ... more
Colony Village Restaurant Williamsburg, IA
My wife and I had a noon meal here the Sunday before Memorial Day. The food was good and plentiful. The lady that waited on us was efficient but not overly friendly. Cost for the two of us, including tax and tip: $40.
The Heyworth Restaurant Heyworth, IL
The place did not lack for patrons the Friday night before Memorial Day. The plus: the people were friendly. THe minus: it took a very long time to get our food. The food was just ok, at best. The worst: I believe that at one time, every table in ... more
RENO'S Danville, KY
My wife and I had dinner here last Saturday evening. Everything was good - the service, the food, the atmosphere and the cost. Not the best steak I have ever eaten but certainly good.
Bill Bobe's Pizzeria Vincennes, IN
My wife and I ate here last Thursday evening. We had the Farouk Special. It was excellent. The only thing that would have made the pizza perfect is to have had a bit more sauce (and this is from a guy that does not favor a lot of sauce). The place h ... more
Real Hacienda Terre Haute, IN
My wife and I enjoyed lunch here a month ago. The food was good and service was very fast - not unlike many other Mexican restaurants where we have eaten. Perhaps the only thing that sets this place apart from your typical Mexican eatery is that the ... more
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